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André, Rogi 1905-1970


The biography of the photographer Rogi André (born in 1905), who moved to Paris in 1925 and married André Kertesz in 1928. We may know very little about her, Her work includes many portraits of writers and artists in Paris taken between 1930 and 1960, including: Picasso, Soutine, Cocteau, Matisse, Paulhan, and Gide.

"Une passion française"
Photographs from the Roger Therond collection

The first images from the 20th century in this exhibition may come as a surprise. They are of Paris by night, and were taken around 1900 not by a famous photographer but by the little-known Gabriel Loppé (Le Siècle Nous Salue). Still in Paris, Atget bridges the gap between the historic city and the birth of modernity. Germaine Krull and Florence Henri photographed such emblems of steel architecture as the Eiffel Tower and the transporter bridge in Marseille, exploring different ways of framing the image and experimenting with new forms. This evocation of the new century continues with a gallery of portraits of personalities from the world of the Arts (Séducteurs des années 20). Pierre Bonnard, James Joyce, André Breton, Gertrude Stein and Jean-Paul Sartre were photographed by Rogi André, Berenice Abbott, Man Ray and Cartier-Bresson. Photographs by Roger Parry, Brassaï, Kertész, Dora Maar, Boucher, Ubac, Bellmer and Molinier reflect the artistic vitality of the time (Un Bouquet Surréaliste).

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