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GRIESHABER Helmut Andreas Peter, Biography

born: 15.2.1909 in Rot an der Rot (Oberschwaben),
died.: 12.5.1981 in Achalm bei Reutlingen.

When HAP Grieshaber distinguished himself as a graphic artist at about 1930,
he proved himself to be a master of the concentrated expression with
tendencies to the typographic expression.

The employment with the formulaic possibilities of writing is indeed an
essential component of his work.

He began a typesetter apprenticeship in 1926-27 in Reutlingen; at the same
time he worked  at the master studio of Ernst Schneidlers at the Stuttgart

However, only after some foreign trips, which took him between 1928-33 to
England, France,  Egypt, Arabia and Greece, he turned to a graphic
technology that would determine his works almost exclusively; in 1932 he
created his first woodcut. His first exhibitions took place in 1931 in
London, in 1932 in Alexandria and Athens.

When he taught between 1951-53 at the "Bernsteinschule" in a monastery at
Sulz on the Neckar, his eminent didactic talent was revealed, which in 1955
let to hope for a teaching career, when Grieshaber got a call to the
Karlsruher Art Academy;
Grieshaber, however, protested in May 1960 against the decision that taking
drawing classes at Grammar schools were made a choice rather than
obligatory, he vacated his post.

His works, without any doubt, are carried by a humanitarian impulse.

In this context it is particularly significant that he does not want to
cross the border to the
Abstract; the development of elementary forms, which means abstraction (in
the narrow sense of the word) could rather be described as an adaptation of
the artistic feeling expressed to the spiritual experience of the world.

His pictures radiate creative natural compassion, often also in the warped,
often jungle like mixed concentration of the graphic form, where the form
the aesthetic category of the inspired world structure is; the spiritual
state of this depiction is not the singular formulaic analysis but the
attempt to lift life out of the chaos of the element of fertility.

Beyond the graphic work Grieshaber created important works at modern
buildings, so, for example, a monumental slate relief at the grammar school,
the "Progymnasium in Pfullingen" and coloured tiles in the 1962 finished
Educational college in Reutlingen. Hans Terwege.

Übersicht Kunst-Ausstellung HAP Grieshaber + Margarethe Hannsmann /OVERVIEW EXHIBITONS HAP GRIESHABER and MARGARETHE HANNSMANN

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