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Pierre Bonnard is described sporadic as the last impressionist.

That is only  insofar as right, as he in his at the big impressionists, especially at
Monet: reminiscent technology it excellent understood, to round up the fleeting
attractions of the game of colors, air and light.

Bonnar were the son of a civil servant.

To the visit of the renowned Lycee Louis-le-grand he covered 1885 the Sorbonne
in Paris, to study about law.

Three years late he exchanged however about to the art-studies at the Academie July-

Into the autumn of 1888 stayed he some time in Pont- Ave, where he itself at Paul
Gauguins of new perceptions of painting enthusiastic.

1890 he closed in Paris an artist-group of the name "Nabis" (Hebrew prophets) at, to
that such Maurice Denis, Roussel and later also Mailiol heard.

Friendly with Toulouse-tone-Rec he wandered through the pubs on the Montmartre
on the search to motives.

Bonnard worked with critical intelligence.

Always he arranged his motives to an effective decorative plan, because under the
influence of Gauguin he believed, that the painting mainly decorative« must be.

However he accentuated his independence of  school.

For his lithographic works, that publicized the art-dealer Ambroise Vollard since
1895, looked for Bonnard sporadic advice at the of his fellows still Odion Redon

Under Redons influence his illustrations to poems of Paul originated Verlaine.

The success of this work  be the cause of Vollard one of more further factory
follows to let; Bonnard delivered him of the big masters  lithographs
to Daphnis and Chloe.

The stimulation  for his work he won mainly, out of the working day from Paris,
for little events on the streets he possessed a special look.
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