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Who was Dora Maar?  

  The photographer, Dora Maar, counts beside the photographers Brassai, Cartier-Bresson and Man Ray to the important personalities in the 20th Century.

 She was considered a muse of the Surrealists, Bretons girlfriend and lover of Picasso.  

  We must not only as them to a beautiful, proud woman; she was also a political fighter-in, which the fellows fascinated.

    Man Ray looked for them with the camera to fathom out, it was the> face of the 20th Century ".

   Dora Maar, died on 16 July 1997, she left no will. A whole year took the genealogists to the heirs to identify. She survived Picasso 24 years.

   It was really interesting for the press, as its discount more than 1 year after her death was auctioned. They had a large collection of images, not only by Picasso, but also by Joan Miró and Jean Cocteau, also books by André Breton and Paul Éluard with personal dedications to indicate the close connection with them.  

In ten auctions came to her inheritance with converted DM 70 million under the hammer.  

Picasso has immortalized in countless paintings.  

After the separation of Picasso had a severe nervous crisis from which it is not properly recovered. Up to her death, she lived withdrawn in her apartment in Paris in the Rue de Savoie.  

The photographs of Man Ray were as graphic inset in the 1st VERVE issue of 1937: Éditeur Teriade, Paris,


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