Blumenfeld, Erwin 1897-1969 biography/english





1897            Born in Berlin at the 26. January. His parents, Albert Blumenfeld and Emma Cohn, already had                      a  child, into 1894 born Annie

1900            Birth of his brother Heinz, that at the honorary-field in 1918. will die

1913            Gets is diploma at the end of his studies. Death of his father. Erwin find work in a method-store:                      Moses et Schlochauer.

1916-18      e is recruited as to drivers of an ambulance in the German army.

1918           Takes at the, Dada" movement in Holland with Grosz, Mynona, Mehring and Citroen                      Devotes itself the painting and the literature.

1921           Marriage with LÚna Citroen.

1922-35     Business for leather-working up into Amsterdam ([Kalverstraat]). While he does this period photos and paints, if he between two customer-dates time has as well as on Sundays.

1922           Birth of his daughter Lisette.

1925           Birth of his son Heinz.

1932          Birth of his son Frank Yorick.

1935          Bankruptcy of his business.

1936          Erwin leave Holland and works in Paris as photo-graph.

                   First showing in Paris at [Billier].

1937          Publication of his photos in the first distribution of Verve, publishers: E. TÚriade.

1938          First photos show his popularity.

1939          First trip in the United state, where he a contract with Harper' s Bazaar sign.

1940         Return in France.  Blumenfeld become in the concentration-storing of Montbard-Marmagne, Vernet of  Ariege and  Catus intern.

1941        Hiking they into the United states out of, there he divides the studio with the      photo-graphs  Munkasci.

1943        He opens is own studio into the 222 Central park South. The success comes very quickly. He  becomes an of the best photo-graphs.

1955        Blumenfeld] begin, to write his autobiography. The French translation will come out in 1975        under the  title: Jadis et Daguerre. In 1976 they appear into German (V.O) under the title: Through millennial  time.

1964        First heart attack.

1969        At the 4. He dies July in Rome to an of further heart attack

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