Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique,  born in Montauban of 29.8.1780- dead in Paris of 14.1.1867.

Ingres, French painter and drawers came to studies at his father and in Toulouse of 1796 to Paris to J.L. David and won 1801 the price o Rome. In Italy, where he lived 1805-1820 in Rome and until 1824 in Florence, he studied the antiquity and especially the painter Raffael. He reached to a personal style; in the he the form-formation through the nature connects. Additional marvellously paints and many very tenuous subscribed portraits (picture Paganini) originated female file, mythological pictures and historic compositions.

As into the Parisian parlour of 1824 picture is "vow Ludwigs XIII" a big success achieved., he turned to Paris back. He got many jobs and found a school. Over hostilities displeases, he went as 1834 director of the French academy to Rome, turned however 1841 again to Paris back.

Ingres pursued his principles with dictatorial sternness and fought on the sharpest Delacroix and that supporters. He viewed that of the color of composed painting as aberration and menace of the art. In that Ingres of the line-accentuated drawing went out, strived he no hardheaded nature rendering, but the depiction an on reason of form-knowledge molded to ideal nature.


The bather of Valpencon (1806, Louvre), Odaliske (1806, Louvre), R. Longa (1806, Louvre), The Turkish bath (1806, Louvre), among other things. 


Start historische Malerei/start historical paintings