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Ray, Man

painter and graphic artist

born: 1890 Philadelphia
died: 1976 Paris

Man Ray was born Emmanuel Radinsky as the son of a Jewish tailor who had emigrated from Russia. The age of five he began to paint.
In 1897 his family moved to Brooklyn, where he attended school.
Although he was awarded a scholarship for a Colleg architectural studies (1906), he waived a formal education. In New York he worked as an engraver and then in a display office. During this time he attended evening classes at the National Academy of Design.
Later he worked for an advertising agency and as a map illustrator for a publishing company and attended drawing classes at the Ferrer Center (1911-1913). In the Alfred Stieglitz gallery "291", he first came to the modern European art and photography in contact.
In 1914 he married the Belgian poet Adon Lacroix, with whom he had previously lived together already in an artists' colony in Ridgefield, New Jersey.
In 1915 he had his first solo exhibition at the Daniel Gallery. The encounter with Marcel Duchamp had a great influence on its further development. Together with Francis Picabia, Man Ray and Duchamp founded the New York Dada movement.
In 1918 he created his first "Aerographien", paintings with a spray gun on photographic paper.
In 1920 he was Katherine Dreier and Duchamp at the founding of the "Societe Anonyme" to the side, whose name came from him. The next year he went to Paris, where he settled until 1940. There he was at the centre of the Dada movement. He made portraits of famous contemporaries and documented the cultural life of his time. He also experimented with photographic techniques and invented in 1921, the "Rayographie", a process camera-less photography, which he mustered abstract shapes on photographic paper.
As in 1924, Surrealism developed out from the Dadaism, Man Ray was one of the founders and took part in the exhibition of SURREALISM . As "Kiki of Montparnass become known Alice Prin, his model and his lover, inspired him to Le Violon d'Ingres (1924), a act on the backsite with painted sound holes of a violin, and another of his most famous paintings, A l'heure de l'observatoire - Les amoureux (1932/34), huge lips, hovering in the sky over a peaceful landscape He also made several classical avant-garde films, including L `Etoil de Mer (1928), his most famous Dadaist objects include Cadeau.. an iron with nails on the bottom.
1940 Ray went over Lisbon to New York and then settled in Hollywood, where he lived from teaching activities and lectures.
In 1946 he married in a double wedding with Max Ernst in Beverly Hills Juliet Browner.
In 1951 he returned to Paris, where, until his death on his 18th November 1976 survived. In his adopted home of the American Man Ray was the first major recognition.
In 1961 he was awarded the Venice Biennale with the gold medal.
His autobiography Self Portrait was published in 1963 in London (Eng. 1983). His extensive work resists any clear categorization and shows its agile and humorous sensibility. In addition to painting and photography, it includes films, objects, collages, prints and drawings. "Everything is art," he used to say. Characteristic of the work of this pioneer of Dadaism and Surrealism is the irrational and the incongruent, which also takes the erotic scandal and Pregnant targeted. "The pursuit of liberty and the pursuit of pleasure - it is told all about my art."




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